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Review: Missha B.B Cream (RoseRose Shop) [EN]

Today I am reviewing this product:

♦ Missha's M Perfect Cover B.B Cream

This is my first BB Cream. I look for practicality and multiple functions in products so a cream that combines foundation, primer, solar protection and skin care properties into one sounded like a great idea. Originally I was going to buy Skin79's hot pink BB Cream, but since this one had good reviews and free shipping on RoseRose Shop, I went wish Missha.
I got a 20ml tube. It is really small, but I wasn't sure if the product would work for me, so the size is good for testing purposes. The color I got is #13 Bright Beige, and it worked really well for my skin tone. It has SPF42 and PA+++, which is great, and claims to "lighten skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes" and "prevent skin aging".

The picture shows the amount I used to cover half my face with good results. The consistency is nice, but I find it kind of hard to spread evenly. It smells a bit like cold porcelain dough.
I always hear about the "grey cast" that BB Creams sometimes leave before oxidizing on the skin, but I felt this made me look pink rather than grey. It looked much better in no time, though!
Most BB Creams have a dewy finish, but Missha's has more of a satin finish, which looks very natural.

Above are my "before pictures, sorry I forgot to take my glasses off, but you get the idea. I have really bad dark circles and, although my right cheek is more acne prone than the rest of my face, it didn't look this bad until after I wore this BB Cream for 6+ hours yesterday. So I wouldn't recommend having this product on your face for that long.

In these pictures I have BB Cream only on the right side of my face (left side of the screen). The difference is most noticeable on my dark circles. In comparison, the side without product makes it look like I got punched in the eye, haha. It also really helped camouflaging the redness of the breakouts.
My skin is oily, specially on the T-zone, but has a few dry patches. I felt that Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream highlighted those dry patches, but it was better when I applied a moisturizer beforehand (which I would do on my daily life anyway). The skin also felt a bit oily after a few hours, which is what I think caused  the breakouts to worsen.

Pros Cons
Sun Protection            
Transfers to objects
Anti-aging properties              
Highlitghts dryness
Good coverage
Worsened acne after prolonged use

♦ RoseRose Shop

Specialized in Asian beauty products. I believe they also sell on Ebay.
Transaction was smooth, the seller was very nice and sent me a message with my tracking number. They were giving out 5 free samples and all I had to do to get them was write in the "comments" along with the order. 
My item was available on both the regular n% off promotion and on the free shipping page, which was really weird. I mean, it was the exact same product but it had 2 different prices. Free shipping came out to less that the discount for me, so that's what I got. 
The products came in a little box, wrapped in bubble wrap, and they did everything they could so I didn't have to pay customs even though I didn't ask them to: marked down (from US$7.80 to US$5), marked as gift and described as "samples".

Overall I was satisfied with this product and very satisfied with the seller. I hope this is helpful to someone out there and that showing close-up pictures of my bare face for the world to see was worth it, hahaha.
See you next time!

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