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Tutorial: Jabot

Hey everyone!
This is another quick and easy acessory: a lace jabot! It's great for adding that regal feeling to any outfit, and you can use the same basic idea to make headdresses and such.

You will need:
♦ Wide lace. Embroidered tulle lace works very well for this project. You need at least 3 pieces of about 20cm.
I'm using two different designs to add some interest, but you can choose only one.
♦ Smaller matching lace
♦ Thread
♦ Brooch pin (optional)

Firstly, finish the edges of your lace with a tiny zig-zag stitch. If should look like the picture, very discreet. If you don't have a sewing machine, try using a no-fray product or nail polish.

Let's take a minute to analyze our materials. Depending on the size of your lace, you might have to cut it and make it less wide - as I did with the lace on top. Position is also important: notice that the embroidery on the top lace is covering the area where the two bottom laces meet. This is important for the next steps.

Using a wide zig-zag stitch, I sewed two bottom pieces of lace together. For now, the stitching is very much visible.

I sewed on the last piece of lace. Notice how the previous line of sewing disappeared from sight, because it is hidden by the embroidery. 

Next, gather on top, over that last zig-zag stitch line. You should gather as tight as you can, creating very dense frills.

To cover up that top part and flatten it, let's use the smaller lace. You only need a very small piece. Just wrap it around the gathered "head" and sew a straight line across it.

Your jabot is pretty much done! You can either add a brooch pin to the back or pin it to your clothes by using a cameo or brooch.

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