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Shiro-nuri (EN)


I want to talk a bit about this style that got popular recently, Shiro-nuri. It is a bit hard to find concrete information on it, but it looks really interesting so I couldn't let it pass.
Shiro-nuri means "painted white", and that is, indeed, the strongest characteristic of this street style. The face (sometimes the neck and hands, too) is covered in white makeup. This comes from traditional japanese face paint worn by maiko, geisha and kabuki actors. The modern version of shiro-nuri may also feature elaborate eye makeup and theatrical horror makeup.

Left, traditional shiro-nuri makeup worn by a geisha; right, shiro-nuri street style makeup worn by Minori.

Apart from the white face, there aren't really any "rules" to this style, but certainly a few common denominators between groups. For example, the traditional japanese influence isn't restricted to the makeup: many of those who follow this trend wear vintage school uniforms (gakuran, sailor fuku), wartime inspired uniforms and all kinds of kimono and geta.

There are also those inspired by western clothing and other japanese street styles. There have been crossovers of shiro-nuri with Lolita fashion, Dolly-kei, Mori-kei, Decora, Cult Party kei and others. It tends to be a dark, flamboyant style, though. Minori, possibly the most well-known shiro-nuri wearer, has a very unique style that mixes a little bit of everything, very intricate and mysterious.
Left: Minori wearing a Cult Party kei influenced outfit; Right: Decora meets shiro-nuri.

The grotesque also plays a big part in shiro-nuri. This includes monster prosthetic makeup, fake wounds, slit mouths, tattered clothes like those of a zombie, scary props and japanese ghost stories inspired coordinates. Because of this, hand-made, vintage and altered items are common.

Most of the pictures were taken from Make sure you check their Shiro-nuri tag! They also have this beautiful video featuring Minori: is a good tumblr for more diverse pictures.

I find Shiro-nuri very interesting, specially Minori's style which lacks the grotesque aspect - so beautiful! - and the makeup worn with simpler, darker clothes. What do you think? Would you wear it?
See you next time!

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