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Review: NYX [EN]

I recently bought a few NYX items - a mini-haul, I would say. This is what I got:

3 lipsticks: Tea Rose, Snow White and Black Cherry; 1 lip pencil: Deep red; 1 eye shadow palette: Let them Eat Cake. Does it sound like I choose based on the names? Because I do.

♦ Let Them Eat Cake eyeshadow palette - Love in Paris Collection

There were various color options, but I chose "Let them eat cake" because it has a nice range of neutrals and a few pinks, which I intended to use as blush. The packaging is really cute, with a bow on the side where it opens.

Brand's promotional pictures on the left, my picture (with numbers) on the right. The colors were quite accurate! 

Swatches on my arm

The colors I was looking forward to the most kind of disappointed me: #7, which I thought would be burgundy rather than brown, and #8, which barely shows on my skin. Overall I like the colors in this palette, but the pigmentation is weak.

♦ Slim Lip Pencil in "Deep Red"

Applying this lip pencil was very uncomfortable. I didn't notice it much when it was only the contour of the mouth, but when I colored into the lips it actually hurt and left a sting-y sensation. The lips were very dry throughout the next day.
I tried using cocoa butter before applying the lip pencil, and it was better, but still dry. The effect it gives is that of a matte dark red lipstick, but I don't think I'll ever use it like that again.
This color matches the Snow White lipstick very well, which is what I wanted anyway.

♦ Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipsticks

NYX's official pictures in comparison to the swatches on my arm.

All 3 lipsticks were very soft and creamy, which was good but made them almost too slippery to control on the lips. 
Tea Rose was slightly more pink than the official picture. Not a huge fan of the color but it is ok for daily wear. 
Snow White, a dark blood red (darker than the image), is my favorite. So pretty!
I expected Black Cherry to be very dark, but it was as dark as Snow White, only more purple.
The negative point of these lipsticks is the smell. I know some people like it, but it bothers me.

In the end I was very satisfied with the lipsticks, ok with the eyeshadows and iffy about the lip pencil.
I bought all of these from Ebay shop Venus Beauty. Their communication is excellent as long as you don't use the message as comment along with the order thing, only send them messages directly through Ebay. 

Thank you for reading, see you next time!

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