quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

Tutorial: Bow

This week's Lolita 52 was 4. Favorite thing to put on my head, but as the answer would simply be "a bow", I decided to step it up and create this little tutorial for how to make a bow.

♦ Tutorial: Bow ♦

1. Cut 2 rectangles with approximately  15x10 cm and one rectanglo with 5x10 cm. You can make it smaller or larger, but this is a good proportion.
2. Put the larger rectangles right sides together and sew only the narrower edges, creating a tube.
3. While keeping the right sides touching, fold the fabric so that the stitches are overlapping and in the middle of the rectangle.
4. Sew it shut, but leave a gap of approximately 3cm on one side so you can turn the whole thing inside out.
5. Fold the smaller rectangle lengthwise and sew, creating a little tube.
6. Turn both pieces (small and big rectangle) inside out, and hand sew the gap shut.
7. Wrap the center of the larger piece with the little strip, folding down the excess fabric, and hand sew the ends together.
8. You can use the bow however you want: as a headbow, put it on a headband, as a brooch...

If anything wasn't clear, or if you have any questions, just ask! I made this bow all by hand. It is possible to make most of it with a sewing machine, but at least a bit of hand sewing will be necessary.
The fabric I used is my own design, if interested please check out my Spoonflower.

Sorry for disappearing from the blog, I got sick and didn't feel well enough to post (and then I had some troubles translating to english). Hope to get back to normal posting schedule soon!
See you next time :)


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