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LBC: If brands made home decor

Hello, everyone!

This will be my first post for the Lolita Blog Carnival, although I have been part of the group for a while I never actually participated.
Anyway, this week's topic is

♦ If brands made home decor

Actually, some brands have released house items in the past, but those were somewhat isolated events. What if they took it a step further and started having a whole section dedicated to home decor?
The first thing I thought of was to take a look at the decoration of each brand's physical store. This delightful series of posts by Tokyo Rebel really helped me on that: tours around Lolita brand shops.
Of course that was a great start point, but I decided to do my own twist on what a "Lolita Brand Doll House" would look like, with each of the rooms inspired by a Lolita brand:

I apologize for my bad editing skills at 4 a.m.

♦ Moi-même-Moitié
Moitié is always too easy! I tried to make the bedroom over-the-top and dramatic as the brand presents itself, yet keeping it "livable" by adding lots of white.

♦ Putumayo
How fun is a Punk themed bathroom? The mix of prints and colors is balanced out with simple yet interesting furniture and a crystal chandelier, kinda like Lolita and Punk balance each other out.

♦ Angelic Pretty
The sweetest of Sweet brands had to take the kitchen. A white and dark chocolate tiled floor, and ice cream cone tiles for the walls. The drapes carry AP's original prints~

♦ Juliette et Justine
I went for a baroque feeling that is so characteristic of this brand. It is an elegant and cozy living room, with a few slightly eccentric touches.

Aaaand that's it! I hope you liked it, and I'm really eager to see everyone's take on this theme!

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