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LBC: 1 item, 5 outfits

Hello everyone!

This week's LBC theme is: "Take 1 Staple Item and Make 5 Different Outfits".
I believe red is one of the most versatile non-neutral colors out there - it's also my favorite color! Because of this, I chose a relatively neutral Metamorphose JSK in red to create these 5 outfits:

♦ Classical outfit
By picking elegant items in cream/ivory, a few golden accents and matching shoes I achieved this Classical Lolita outfit. To keep it interesting, the tights and bag both have prints on them.

♦ Gothic outfit
Using only black complements, this Gothic coord was created. Black is a great opportunity to use textures: lace, faux-fur, velvet, printed tights and leather work on the shoes.

♦ Sweet outfit
Red and sax isn't a combination I see very often in Lolita, so I decided to try it out. I used white sparingly. The berry print headbow brings the whole thing together.

♦ Sailor outfit
Only the main piece and the hair accessories are from Lolita brands. I wanted to do something that had red, black and white. These 3 colors go really well together!

♦ Old-school inspired outfit
Old-school Red
Wearing every piece in such a strong color isn't very common at all, but I thought it might look cute - specially with a bit of an "Old-school" touch. I tried to keep it neutral, not necessarily part of any sub-style.

Please leave your opinions on which outfit you liked the most in the comments below!
I hope to see you next time :)

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