domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013

Lolita Trends! [EN]

Recently I started noticing a rise in some trends that weren't this popular before, but now I'm seeing everywhere in Lolita!

♦ Metallic

Starry BlueSparkly Nature
Precious Dark
Metallic shoes have been around for at least 2 years. I usually see them in Sweet Lolita coords, paired with sky and night-themed prints, often with Chocomint star-clips as accessories.

I think they would also look good with prints that have a bit of a sparkle or glitter on them and also as accent points in otherwise plain outfits.

Golden is definitely the most popular metallic shade among lolitas, but silver and copper shades could also be worn. There are other metallic accessories such as bags, belts, or even clothes. Jewelry doesn't count!

That said, metallic items can be a bit hard to coordinate: too little and it might look unbalanced; too much and it might become sparkle overload!

♦ Flower Crowns

The traditional hair corsage grew bigger and now it's around everyone's heads! Flower crowns have been popular in other alternative fashions and with Lolita it is no different.

Honestly, they look good with pretty much everything, all you have to do is change the size and color of the flowers to suit each coordinate.

Smaller flowers are more understated and elegant; big flowers tend to give a cuter or more dramatic effect. Either way, they tend to give the coord a bucolic and fairy-like feeling.

Another reason for flower crowns to be so popular is that you can make easily your own or, if you're not very crafty, buy beautiful designs on websites like Etsy.

♦ Transparency
When I first got into Lolita, sheer fabrics were sort of taboo. Transparent clothes? How indecent! Back then brands like Moi-même-Moitié did work with chiffon, but always with an opaque lining underneath.

A few years ago, however, chiffon and similar fabrics started showing up in their see-through glory. The most common items are blouses, but there are also dresses and skirts that make use of the transparency with prints, ruffles and different textures.

To me, these diaphanous fabrics always lend a classy, soft and elegant quality to the outfits, making them a bit more mature - which doesn't stop this trend to show up in Sweet Lolita.

A friendly reminder: wearing a camisole underneath your transparent blouse is always a good idea, unless you're layering something over the blouse!

Do you like and wear these trends? What trends do you think are staying with us for a while longer, and which will die soon? And, more importantly: what's coming next? Please leave a comment below!

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