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Lolita Inspirations [EN]

How are you all?

There are many beautiful lolitas that I admire and I can't help but think: "I wish I had her wardrobe!" or "someday I'll dress as nicely as she does!" - and surely others think like that sometimes, too.

What makes some people's way of dressing so stylish and unique, and how to incorporate some of their style to your own wardrobe while staying true to yourself?

This is what I was wondering when I decided to choose 3 of my favorite lolitas from all around the world and highlight in which ways I can take inspiration from them!

♦ Karine of My Subarashii LoliDays

This beautiful Brazilian lolita has a neatly organized "Wardrobe" section in her blog, with lovely pictures of all of her lolita items. The most impressive part, to me, is that all pieces fit into her own color scheme (with some of my favorite colors, too!).

That is something I would like to bring to my own closet. Although experimenting and trying out new colors is nice, having a solid base that you can mix and match with no fear of going wrong makes a wardrobe much more versatile. Besides, having your favorite colors and themes brings the clothes closer to a reflection of your personality.

Another point is that the items include plenty of Bodyline, Indie and Off-brand, blending in very well together with Brand and knocking any prejudices people might have. This is a really beautiful wardrobe and miss Karine wears it very elegantly!

♦ Martha of Moss Märchen

Martha has an accessories brand on Etsy named Moss Märchen. This name reflects very well the aesthetics she uses on her coords: a mixture of Lolita, Dolly-kei, dark Mori; they always remind me of a witch, a druid, an elf or some other mysterious and well-dressed entity.
Every single coordinate posted on the Moss Märchen Tumblr is gold, and I think what makes them so special is the layering. One interesting piece on top of another, each with a different texture, building up intricate outfits with unexpected combinations.

Based on this, for my own wardrobe I want to step away from the traditional cotton and dive into chiffon, damask, brocades, velvet and faux-fur. Of course, nice accessories make all the difference in an outfit so rich!

Lost Natsu is a lolita from Singapore who has a penchant for prints. Every single day she posts coords on her Tumblr, and every single one of them is superb! I really admire her power to dress up on a daily basis.

As someone who tends to wear solid colors, I feel really inspired looking at her outfits. Many have more than one print coordinated together, creating a fun and unique mood. It's an elegant but youthful Classical style with a bit of Sweet, in touch with the sister of Lolita, Otome fashion!

In some cases the color combinations are innovative and work very well. This is a call for me to think more outside of the box and experiment with everything in the wardrobe, instead of sticking to the same old formulas.

Of course, there are many other admirable lolitas out there, but if I were to write about everyone this post wouldn't have an end!

Who are the lolitas that you admire? If you have a style blog, please share it with me! I love to learn about other people's styles. 

See you next time!

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