terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013

Coord Fun I

Hey everyone!

Lolita fashion prides itself for very well-balanced outfits. However this, sometimes, may lead to matchy-matchy and repetitive sort of coordinates. That's why I like to observe interesting outfits and figure out new ways to put an outfit together.
One style I wish was more popular is what I call "cotton bud" effect (sorry for the funny name!). It's usually achieved when you match your hair or wig color to the color of the shoes, and nothing else in the outfit is that color - as opposed to the more traditional ways of sprinkling the accent color throughout your coord or using a hair acessory-bag-shoes matching triad.

victorianme | Yuka & Sachi (Kokusyoku Sumire)

This "technique" is specially effective when the main pieces are light colored. In the examples above, if the hair wasn't as dark as the shoes, the outfits might have looked a bit unbalanced. With hair the same color as the shoes, however, it looks really fresh!

It also works with dark colors, as in the leftmost coordinate with burgundy accents - notice how not even the print has wine in it? And don't restrict yourself to a wig-shoes combination. In the picture to the right, the large golden bag might have overpowered the outfit if it wasn't for the blonde wig. Not exactly a cotton bud, but it has the hair/bottom half item combo.

I'm so willing to try this! If only I had something other than black, haha...
Hope you liked it and see you next time!

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