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Thinking about getting a haircut? (EN)


Let's talk talk a bit about haircuts...
I recently cut (most of) my hair from hip-length to chin-length. Very happy with my decision: easier to wash, much easier to comb, and it is so cute. Long hair looks pretty and feminine, and there are so many ways to style it - those might be the reasons for the popularity - but in the end my hair was only pretty because it was long, it didn't truly match my personality and the best "styling" I would do was to braid it to one side just to keep it out of the way.
The new short hair actually inspired me to try fresh styles that were hard to achieve when it was long, and it calls for some new hair accessories! It also showcases earrings more prominently, and I do love some cute earrings.
I must say that cutting my hair this short wasn't a lighthearted decision. I advise everyone to think very well before making such drastic changes to something that is so influential to your overall appearance. For me, the desire to do this began 2 years ago, but I waited until I was completely sure this was the right decision (you don't have to take as long as I did! It's just that the idea was put aside for a while). Of course, this also applies to things like getting bangs cut or dying your tassels.
Some people seem to have doubts about wearing Lolita while sporting short hair, but there is no need to worry or to wear a wig. If your hair suits you and your clothes suit you, there is no reason it wouldn't all come together and reflect your personality.

Here are some tips for those who want to try a fresh look:

♦ It is fine to ask family and friends for advice, but remember this is your hair.

♦ A certain hairstyle might look good on someone else, but will it look good on you? Try to visualize, maybe tie up your hair in a fake bob or make a montage on Photoshop  There are some websites that allow you to upload a picture and try on celebrity hairstyles. This way you can decide on the perfect length and cut.

♦ Always take your natural texture and volume into consideration, and try to remember other hair cutting experiences you had in the past.

♦ Go to a hairdresser you trust, accompanied by someone that agrees with the haircut. My mom and the hairdresser "teamed up" to try and dissuade me from cutting my hair! This sort of thing can make you second guess yourself, but if you spent enough time pondering your decision, you will know what to do.

♦ Have confidence! If you really want it, why not do it?

♦ Get inspired!
Misako Aoki with her iconic long hair and blunt bangs, then with shoulder length hair in 2008, and wearing a curly short wig (this is similar to the look I was going for!)

These were pulled out of Gothic&Lolita Bible scans. I almost didn't recognize Sachi from Kokusyoku Sumire with that really long hair! I love it! But her current straight bob suits the band's image too well. Notice how her bangs remained short even after 10 years. I also like how her black hair balances the black shoes, even when the outfit is all white.

In the end, cutting or dying your locks is about finding the balance between what you want, what you can and what you need. Think it through and you will find the right answer! Each person has a length and cut that best suits them, and this might change with time.
I hope my new hair will spark a few short hair style tutorials, since they are less abundant than those for long hair.
How about you? Are you satisfied with your current hairstyle or are you ready for change?

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