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Review: Petticoat

Hello everyone!

I finally received my new petticoat so here goes a review.

I bought this A-Line petticoat from eBay seller cooltoy201000. After considering more famous sellers such as VGD and Flora, this one looked like the best option because of the length (55-58cm, closer to my ideal skirt length) and size (up to 91cm according to the description). It cost US$34 with free shipping and a tracking number, and arrived before the expected time even though the local Post Office is on strike.

Comparison: Stock picture x Real life

The stock picture on top and mine on bottom.

I got the wine petticoat and the color of the tulle is similar to the stock picture in real life, but as you can see the top tier is a very different shade of wine, so you can't really use this petticoat by itself if you ever wish to.
Also, the amount of fabric isn't as generous as in the picture: the only way for it to have that many gathers on the waistband is if you arrange it like that, leaving the other side of the band flat.
About the size, it stretches more than indicated, probably up to 130cm. I wouldn't recommend much more than 95cm, though. Like I said, there isn't that much material around the waistband, it just stretches a lot. Because of this, the top tier sits pretty much flat on my waist and stomach, almost no gathers at all.


This petticoat has 3 tiers: the top one is made of a lighter stretchy fabric, the bottom two are a very soft tulle. There are cute double ruffles around the hem. It has 2 layers of tulle, and no lining.

Most seams are serged but in some places the tulle is left unfinished, which is okay because there is no risk of it fraying. Seams and construction are fine, but not particularly high-quality.

The elastic on the waistband is closed with a button, so you can remove it from the channel and put it through a lower one to make your petticoat shorter if you want. The button is a bit flimsy, though (mine fell off).

Poof and fit

Petti only, skirt only, and skirt+petti

I was looking for a "daily poof" type of petticoat, so this one suits my needs perfectly. It gives you a light A-line shape, nothing too over-the-top. The fact that is is unlined should allow me to layer if I ever need to.
The length is also great; most petticoats I see are around 45cm long, which would be too short for me even though I'm not tall.
It is comfy, not too hot, and easy to put on and take off since it stretches so much. For light weight and plain skirts, though, the bottom ruffles of the petticoat may create sort of an horizontal bumpy line, evidencing where the petti ends (you can see a bit of that on the last picture).


Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. If you want a daily A-line, plus-size and tall friendly petticoat, this is a good option. It is also very cute with all the little ruffles, and there are 6 colors available (no black unfortunately). I do find the price a bit high for the product, as I could probably find cheaper and poofier petticoats locally. But that's what Paypal/eBay coupons are for! ;)


Comfort: ♦♦♦♦♦ 5/5
Looks: ♦♦♦♢ 4/5
Poof: ♦♦♦3/5
Price: ♦♦♦♢ 3/5
Quality: ♦♦♦♢ 3/5
Size: ♦♦♦♦♦ 5/5

Score: ♦♦♦♢ 4/5

Thank you for reading, I hope this was helpful!

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