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Triple Lolita 52 Challenge (EN)

Hey everyone!

This week I decided to go for a triple Lolita 52 Challenge to make up for the time I didn't show up here on the blog. So today we'll have:
29. Lolitafying things in my everyday life

When you say "Lolitafying" I usually think of decoden and gluing lace to objects, but that isn't what the word really means to me. I don't make it a point to have everything in my life be Lolita-like. What I do is always try to choose or make things pretty, and that sometimes "matches" Lolita. Here are a few daily things you can try to achieve a similar effect:

♦ Home decor
 Fashion and interior design will often go hand in hand. As Lolita is very broad in terms of styles, this can generate from a room that is super cute and pink and modern to victorian-inspired wood and gobelin quarters.
The obvious way to do this, at least to your own bedroom, is by painting the walls and getting some furniture, but if that is outside of your budget (or maybe you don't want to compromise) you can start with curtains, bedding and small utensils.

♦ Adding a bit of Lolita to you everyday coordinates
Even if you are not wearing the most Lolita coordinate ever, that shouldn't stop you from wearing bows, nice socks and some "burando" accessories. You don't actually have to separate your "regular" and "Lolita" wardrobes - they are all you. I know I feel happier with a bit of cute hidden in an otherwise bland outfit. This is where I throw in

38. Favorite hairstyle
Styling and/or adding decoration to your hair is an easy and possibly discreet way to add a bit of Lolita to your outfit. 
Personally, I like voluminous hair (maybe because mine isn't) with waves and curls. As long as it is neat and tidy, I don't mind if the hair isn't elaborately styled. But since we're talking hairstyles, here are some of my favorites:

♦ The twin puffballs

 I like both the frizzy/curly version and the more controlled one. Even if they are achieved by different methods, what matters to me is the spherical shape. This hairdo has an old-school feel~

♦ The side ponytail

Ponytails are traditionally looked down upon in the Lolita community, but I think it really depends on the styling. Side ponytails are so lovely! These are a great way to showcase your curls. It's the cuter side of classy, and it works great with many styles. The downside is that either long hair or a wig is necessary...
♦ The braids
Braids offer a great variety of hairstyles, and may be combined with other do's: a side braid, braid with curls, twin looped braids... Therefore, they are very versatile when it comes to hair length, hair accessories and matching the style of an outfit. Braids are a great way to get creative, but I like to keep them simple: too many french braids will end up taking away the volume and movement of the hair.

24. What's in my makeup bag

Since we're talking about hair, why not talk about makeup/beauty products? I love the funny or cute names the brands give their beauty products. When in doubt between two shades of lipstick, I always pick the one with the nicer name! And some of those names are so rori.

I don't wear much makeup. Face and body creams are a big part of my "beauty routine". Usually I will just use a bit of foundation as concealer (for my panda eyes), curl my lashes, maybe a bit of mascara and/or brown eyeliner, and lipstick (to distract people from my panda eyes).
When "dressing up", I use white eyeliner in my waterline and inner eye corner, put on more mascara and a darker eyeliner, use foundation on most of my face and a lighter concealer for my dark circles, and a vivid or dark lipstick.
I have a love-hate relationship with nail polishes. I love them, but my nails are very fragile and most of the colors don't suit my skin tone. Because of this, I stick to the neutrals, classic colors and black/almost black/black with effects. Boring, I know, but getting a pastel green nail polish only to find out it looks radioactive on your nails is a sad thing.

Feel free to ask about these products! I have a few cosmetics in the mail, there will be reviews as soon as they arrive.

Hope to see you next week :)

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